Example of how to do your Holy Hour

Posted on 9/8/2019

  •  5 minutes to transition, let go of the world.
    • Leave your intentions, responsibilities, worries, and fears at the foot of the cross.


  • 5 minutes  of introductory prayers 
    • Thank you for this time, contrition, Come Holy Spirit, Illumination.


  •  30 minutes of meditation
    •  Scripture, spiritual book, reading, reflecting in your heart, devotional prayer


  •  15 minutes of contemplation
    •  Listening, beholding, adoring, being present to God, being still and silent


  •  5 minutes of thanksgiving
    •  Thank you for this time, help me to take Your love into the world

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To sign up for a holy hour, please click the link above.

Posted on 8/22/2018


1.  Click the "Register" button at the top right of this page. A pop up screen will appear asking for your personal information (email, name, parish, etc.).  Once you submit, you will be back on this page.

2. Click "Sign Up For a Holy Hour" tab just above this notice.  A calendar with all the adoration needs will appear. (PLEASE NOTE: red signifies the greatest need (with no current adorer assigned); small green signifies 1 committed adorer with larger green signifying more than one committed adorer.The one black spot at 9am Sunday represents the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that is offered at that time and no adorer is needed)

3. Click on the cell representing your desired spot.  A pop up screen will appear asking you to confirm.  Once you do so, you will be back on the calendar and your holy hour will be shown in blue.

4. An automatic email will be sent with more information.  A reminder; this calendar reflects the needs at FRANCISCAN EAST beginning October 7th.  An email with more specific information (where to park and enter at Franciscan) will be sent late September.

If you have any questions, please contact the coordinators (Ken and Michelle Newcomb) at or call at 765-357-6462.

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Posted on 4/8/2017

Audio Lenten Reflection #6 Meditating on Jesus' Sacred Heart - Fr. Timothy + Divine Mercy Stations (with Sr. Lucia)

The final talk in our series can now be heard from clicking the link below. 

Father's talk is the first 18 1/2 minutes followed by the beautiful Divine Mercy Stations (

Posted on 4/4/2017



The talks from the previous two weeks are now posted to the YouTube page.

#4 - Meditating on the Holy Face of Jesus Christ - Fr. Cassian Sama

***NOTE - Fr. Cassian does not have a microphone until 1:57 so it will be much clearer after that point.

#5 - Meditating on the Precious Blood of Christ - Fr. Timothy Combs

***NOTE - There is also a delay in the beginning with only silence heard 


Posted on 3/22/2017



A Roman Crucifixation from a Medical Perspective

*** NOTE There were technical difficulites with the 2nd talk and it won't be posted.

Deacon Mike presented the 3rd talk while St. Thomas Aquinas was on Spring Break.  His 20 minutes talk can be heard at:

Also, Fr. Cassian will continue with this Lenten series this Friday, March 24th at 6:30 pm at the Chapel.  Once again, the 14th Street doors will be unlocked starting at 6pm.  The topic will be meditating on the Holy Face of Jesus.  Please share

Posted on 3/8/2017

AUDIO LENTEN REFLECTION #1 - The Necessity and Benefits of Meditating on the Passion of Christ

Fr. Cassian's first talk in this series can now be heard at:

The quality is not the best but know we are working to get that more refined in the coming days.  Very powerful talk so try to forge through it.  If possible, we will also try to get a written copy of all this information for you to meditate upon.

The next talk in this series will be this Friday night, March 10th, at 6:30 pm.  Fr. Cassian will be the presenter again this week and the topic will be Meditating on the Wounds of Christ.  Stations will follow his talk.  14th St. doors will be unlocked at 6pm.  As with last week, we should end by 8pm.  Please share.

Posted on 3/20/2017


As we begin Lent today, I want to share an exciting series that just came to completion last night.  Every Friday night during Lent at the chapel (Good Friday uncertain at this point), Fr. Cassian or Fr. Timothy will give a Lenten reflections of the Passion of Christ.  The evening will start at 6:30 pm with the talk and will end with the Divine Mercy Stations of the Cross.  We plan to end as close to 8pm as possible. The 14th Street doors will be unlocked starting at 6pm.

As of now, the schedule is:

March 3rd - The Necessity and Benefits of Meditating on the Passion of Christ

March 10th - Meditating on the Wounds of Christ

March 17th - Meditating on Christ's Passion in the Holy Eucharist

March 24th - Meditating on the Holy Face of Jesus Christ

March 31st - Meditating on the Precious Blood of Christ

April 7th - The Pierced Side of Christ and His Sacred Heart

We realize that this is scheduled with nearly every other parish Stations and our intent was not to take away from your parish so know that the talks will be recorded and posted soon following on our web site.  It is Father's passion to aid us with the tools to delve deeper with Christ this Lent and it is my hope that for those of you who come, you will you these evenings as a tool to invite someone to the chapel that may not otherwise step foot in there.  Bring them to Jesus!  We will have information available on adoring with the hopes that many come back to pray at His Eucharistic Feet.

Please spread the word through all forms of social media and by word of mouth.  This will not be in any bulletins for the above reason; not to detract from parish events.

God bless you and let us make this the most fruitful Lent ever!


Posted on 2/17/2017

 20th Anniversary homily - Fr. Cassian Sama

Last night was such a beautiful and powerful night guided by the Holy Spirit with over 130 people in attendance to celebrate this anniversary.   Fr. Cassian's Homily was overflowing with wonderful and persuasive Eucharistic stories to inspire all to come and be personally transformed and broken families healed through Eucharistic adoration.  You can listen to it at:

Also, we were so very blessed to have the relic of Blessed Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel (foundress of the our own Franciscan Sister's of Perpetual Adoration) to venerate following Mass.  Our chapel for adoration was her chapel and to have her back there was such a gift!  

We were also doubly blessed that Shelley Strong, our adorer that we have been praying for through Mothers intercession, was able to join us for this veneration and we were able to all pray Mother's prayer for her healing with her there.  Please continue those prayers for Shelley at home.  Attached is a copy with 4 per sheet for you to share. 

Prayer for Canonization for Blessed Mother Maria Theresia.docx

Let us keep praying for each other at each and every holy hour.

God bless you!


Michelle Newcomb


Posted on 12/6/2016


We have several adoration needs but a few of the more urgent ones are:

Monday - 10am

Thursday - noon

Saturday - 7pm

You may sign up for one of these or any other on this web site under the Holy Hour tab.  All the specific logistical information will be sent to you automatically once you sign up.

God bless you!


Ken and Michelle Newcomb

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Coordinators

St. Elizabeth Central